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Epoxidharz Rivertisch beispiel,Epoxy Resin Rivertisch

Buying epoxy resin in Switzerland for your epoxy resin project? Then you are at the right place at! We have the absolute premium epoxy resins and a large selection of accessories for you.

Crystal clear high-end epoxy resins for a stunning result


Medium viscosity, high gloss finish, easy to use, potting up to 1cm

Art & Craft Resin


Crystal clear resin

Crystal Clear Epoxidharz rivertisch

Deep casting resin

Highly transparent, excellent self-venting, casting up to 5 cm


Crystal clear resin

Epoxidharz Coasters

Crystal clear resin

 Casting Resin

Crystal clear, high gloss with a unique clarity, casting up to 2 cm

Epoxidharz Tisch Resin

Deep Pour Resin


Crystal clear resin

Low viscosity, maximum UV protection, long curing time, casting up to 12 cm

Epoxidharz tisch topcoat

Crystal clear resin


Art & Craft Resin

epoxidharz wellen optik

Crystal clear resin


Art & Craft Resin

Ideal for ocean/beach scene projects and stunning doming effects

epoxidharz fluid painting
epoxidharz schmuck

Coating resin with glass-like surface and  long working time

epoxidharz geode


Resin Painting


epoxidharz Artwork & Topcoat

Artwork & top coat resin

Highly viscous, fast curing, high gloss for artwork and sealing


Crystal clear resin

Epoxy Coat Slate finished.jpeg

Artwork & top coat resin

Crystal Clear Resin


Bodenbeschichtungs Epoxidharz, widerstandsfähig - langlebig - pflegeleicht

epoxidharz giessen

Epoxy resins


Pigment Pulver für Epoxidharz

Effect pigments


giessharz transparente farben

Drop-in dyes

UV Harz kaufen in der Schweiz

UV resin

Jesmonite schweiz kaufen


chameleon pigment im shop

Chameleon Flakes

epoxidharz online shop schweiz beispiele

Premium epoxy resin and accessories

Epoxy resin is a two-component synthetic resin that can be used for many different purposes.

We offer you high-quality, crystal-clear and UV-resistant epoxy resin . Our epoxy resins are characterized by high-quality raw materials - at the best possible price for you.

With our Crystal Clear epoxy resins buy an absolute premium product .

We offer you various epoxy resin systems that differ in their viscosity, curing time and intended use.

The resin has excellent self -venting for a bubble-free finish and hardly any streaking , making it ideal for highly transparent casting of your epoxy resin projects.

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin - to cast your own river table, make jewelry, cast with silicone molds , create your own metal base or create your own resin art painting.

Add Chameleon Flakes , effect pigments and liquid dyes to our epoxy resin to make your projects even more unique.

The dyes and pigments can also be mixed together to create your own custom shade offers the highest product and service quality at the best prices.



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