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grinding and polishing

Products for the care and finishing of wood and epoxy resin

Give your work of art that certain something and the necessary shine.
You can find everything you need to know about grinding and polishing epoxy resin here.

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König holz&harz

König Holz und Harz

König Holz&Harz specializes in ecologically valuable and high-quality products for the surface treatment of wood and epoxy resin,free of any chemistry to manufacture.
They are a safe and natural protection, as well as that
ideal finish for your workpieces made of wood and/or epoxy resin.
König Holz und Harz
completely dispenses with synthetic additives or drying agents and hat has made it its mission to manufacture products from raw materials that are as original and natural as the wood itself.
For the production we use ourselves
complex manufacturing processes, which allow

exclusively natural raw materials to process.

We offer innovative products proven natural raw materials, which lack comparable competition.

All details about the König Holz und Harz products and precise application instructions can be found on the respective product pages.

Mit ROTWEISS Produkten lassen sich die unterschiedlichsten Oberflächen polieren und pflegen.

Rotweiss konzipiert, testet und entwickelt Produkte mit theoretischen Kompetenz in modernster Chemie und in der praktischen Anwendung.

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