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Roll coating

An epoxy resin floor coating creates a durable synthetic resin floor.

Epoxy resin floors are water-resistant and largely chemical-resistant. stain-resistant, break-proof and impact-resistant.
Briefly described: floors with epoxy resin are almost indestructible.

Visually enhance your rooms

with Epoxy Floor Coat roll coating

Epoxy floor coat roll coating, the epoxy resin-based 2K system,forms a durable synthetic resin floor.

Epoxy Floor Coat can be applied to virtually any properly prepared surface with excellent results, ideal for garages, hobby rooms, workshops, etc.

An epoxy resin floor coating is an ideal insulation that protects against material decay and moisture.

This is particularly suitable for heavily used areas in workshops, garages, storage rooms or as a basis for industrial space use, as it is both oil tolerant and resistant to all other automotive fluids that would ruin standard paintwork.

The surface is resistant to chemicals and is also resistant to heavy loads, so it can be driven on without hesitation.

The appearance is silky glossy and can be colored according to your own wishes with our pigment pastes and flakes pigment powder.

Ideal for both DIY enthusiasts/home users and industrial users, the floor paint is easy to apply.

Our epoxy resins ventilate themselves at room temperature.

This means that any air bubbles created by mixing and pouring will disappear on their own before the epoxy resin cures.

Use our Epoxy Floor Coat primer as a primer; it is the optimal bonding agent on all mineral floors.


Epoxy floor coat
Floor coating

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