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Silicone is perfect for making molds

Would you like to let off steam creatively and have a completely individual shape ?
Our silicone is ideal for making reusable molds.

Silikon für epoxidharz
silikon epoxidharz
RTV-2 silikon epoxidharz
silikonform selber machen

Silimold silicone from Epoxyresin shop

Excellent for all types of silicone moulding

Silicone is perfect as a material for molds because it acts as a natural release agent.
After curing, the silicone is stretchable and very durable when working with
epoxy resin , concrete or other casting materials. Our 2-component molding silicone Silimold is extremely elastic and with a Shore A hardness of 22 it is perfectly suitable for the production of demanding, reusable molds .
The silicone is characterized by its
high elasticity and thin - flowing as well as self- venting
Properties , which allow detailed and air bubble-free impressions to be created.
It is also considered gentle and above all
non-toxic. The mixing ratio is kept very simple at 1:1 , the components are two-colored for a better overview.
RTV-2 silicone is inherently releasing, meaning no additional release agent is required.
  The silicone is particularly tear- resistant and resistant up to temperatures of 180°C (briefly 250°C).
Use Silimold in combination with our
premium Crystal Clear epoxy resin to create detailed, unique shapes .

Silimold RTV-2 silicone


Silimold impression silicone

RTV-2 impression silicone made of silicone rubber, addition-curing,


Shore A 22

  • Application: Production of hard-wearing, detailed, elastic and demanding molds from casting resins (including epoxy, polyester, polyurethane resins), soap casting, mineral materials (eg gypsum, concrete).

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