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Liquid dyes

Specially developed and matched for epoxy resin - ideal for epoxy resin Art

Transparent drop-in dyes, pigment paste, glitter pigments and alcohol inks for resin art
Large selection of color concentrates for coloring epoxy resin


perlglanzpigmente von
effektpigmente von
pearl pigment pulver

Epoxy resin pigment paste for epoxy resin

High quality Pigment pastes from EPOXYRESIN-SHOP.CH for coloring synthetic resins such as epoxy resins , ideally suited for epoxy resin art, for example creating waves.

strong colors with pearl effect or metallic shimmer -
highly concentrated , pasty, excellently matched to most epoxy resin systems. You can use it to color the resin yourself.
Simply mix the pigments into the resin and get started.
pigment pastes are very dosed , a small amount is already sufficient to achieve the desired degree of saturation .
resin waves or coasters with
pigment pastes .
They can be
mixed with each other and therefore thousands of color variations are possible.

Alcohol inks for resin Art

Transparent alcohol inks for epoxy resin.

Translucent alcohol-based ink for coloring or creating spectacular splash effects , particularly powerful in terms of color.

Alcohol inks are liquid, quick-drying color concentrates for transparent, translucent colors or for fluid painting techniques .

Use the alcohol inks from EPOXIDRESIN-SHOP.CH to create individual color gradients, abstract effects and surprising shapes - the typical alcohol ink effect (“ Petri-Art effect ).

The ink can be used on almost any smooth, non-porous material.

Epoxy resins , synthetic papers (e.g. Yupo paper), glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone or modeling clay are best suited. After drying, the acid-free alcohol inks are smudge-proof and waterproof.

We have a wide variety of colors for your epoxy resin projects.

metallic pigmentpulver für epoxidharz
metallic pigmente
epoxidharz effektpigmente kaufen schweiz
pigmentpulver für epoxidharz kaufen bei
epoxidharz pigment pulver
chameleon pigmentpulver für epoxidharz
resin chameleon pigment
chameleon pigmentpulver

Transparent dye  for epoxy / UV resin


Drop-in dye is a highly concentrated color concentrate for the realization of transparent colors with epoxy resin and UV resin .


EPOXYRESIN-SHOP.CH  Drop-in dyes preserve the transparency of your resin.

By adding more or less dye, you can adjust the color intensity individually .

All drop-in colors can be mixed with one another as required .

Ideally suited for processing with synthetic resins such as epoxy resins , polyester resins, UV resin, etc.

Make your own river table or coaster, jewelry bowl, etc. with drop-in dye .

Each 10g bottle is equipped with a droplet dispenser for easy use.

luminous pigments

In daylight they are white to light yellow , but when dry they are almost transparent when mixed with epoxy resin .

luminous pigments show their actual color when it gets dark , they store the energy of sunlight or artificial light / UV rays and can glow in the dark for many hours .

You can mix glow in the dark pigments with other colors to get a colorful coating even in daylight.

There are hardly any limits to the areas of application: The luminescent pigments are ideal as a base material for all kinds of creative activities such as painting, building, decorating, handicrafts and much more. Also interesting in the manufacturing industry such as painters, varnishers, typesetters or (screen) printers.

The L euchtpigmente best be colorless with carrier fluids or binders (for example, epoxy resin / UV resin mixed, lacquer, gel or wax). Solvent-free carrier liquids such as clear lacquer or wallpaper paste are recommended for indoor use. For outdoor use, it is best to use weather-resistant and, if necessary, solvent-based binders such as synthetic resin paints. 

glow in the dark pulver
leuchtpigmente epoxidharz
leuchtpigment epoxy resin
glow in the dark pigment pulver kaufen schweiz
effektpigment pulver
colorshift pigmentpulver kaufen schweiz
pigmentpulver epoxidharz

color shift pigments

Duochrome pigments for epoxy resin art.

The colour-intensive Colorshift pigments are easy to process and change color depending on the incidence of light and viewing angle.

Use with our Premium Crystal Clear Epoxies or UV Resins .

Our Colorshift pigment powder is extremely versatile and can be used in virtually any clear medium including epoxy resin , UV resin , automotive clear coat and binder, plastidip, powder coat clear coats, arts and craft clear coats, nail art and cosmetics.

These high quality Colorshift pigments are made from the highest quality materials .

By adding more or less pigment powder you can adjust the color intensity individually .

interference pigments

Fire up your imagination with the silky sheen of our interference pigments .

Create intense tones or pastels on different backgrounds .

Interference pigments consist of synthetic mica whose effect is based on the interference of light on thin, highly refractive layers.

The spectrum of effects offers pastel tones in light formulations and intense tones on dark backgrounds.

They have a core of natural mica covered with one or more layers of metal oxide.

They are characterized by a correspondingly high surface gloss depending on the particle size and are compatible with epoxy resin , polyurethane, acrylic and other artistic materials.

Interference pigments can be used in all paint systems , resins and waxes.

Ideally suited for special epoxy resin projects.

pigmentpulver kaufen schweiz
pigmentpulver epoxidharz
interferenzpigmente schweiz
epoxidharz neon pigment pulver
epoxidharz neon pigment pulver
epoxidharz neon pigment pulver


Fluoreszierende Neon Pigmente für Epoxy Resin Art.

Die farbintensiven Neon Pigmente zum leuchtend-farbigen Einfärben von flüssigen Harzsystemen wie Epoxydharz, Polyesterharz, Polyurethane, Silikone und Flüssiggummi.

Neonpigmente Pigmente sind spezielle Farbstoffe, die jedem transparenten oder semi/transparenten Medium wie Farbe, Epoxidharz, Tinte, Farbe, Nagellack, Nagelgel, Acryl medium, wasserbasiertes Medium, Kerzenwachs usw. ultrastarke intensive Farbe verleihen.

Brillante Pigmente, die bei Tageslicht intensive Neonfarben zeigen.

Eine der hellsten Farben unserer Kollektion, dieses Neon-Pulver wird die Schaulustigen mit seiner Ausstrahlung in jedem produkt, das es verwendet wird, sicherlich faszinieren.

Die Einzigartigkeit von fluoreszierenden Pigmenten besteht darin, dass sie ultraviolettes Licht / UV-Licht in einer sichtbaren Spektrumregion reflektieren können, wodurch die Farbe des Pigments im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Pigmenten und Farben heller und intensiver aussieht.

Verwende Sie mit unseren Premium Crystal Clear Epoxidharze oder UV-Harze.

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